You can give to me directly online using this link.

If you’re interested in receiving a charitable donation tax-deductible receipt, you can either

1. Click here.


2. Mail a check to

YWAM Tyler
PO Box 3000
Garden Valley, TX

(however, please DO NOT put my name anywhere on the check because it will muddle things up on their taxes. Instead, make it out to YWAM and just put my name on a separate little note to say it’s for me at Urban Key. This is quite important)

3. In addition,
if you want to donate directly with a card or set up an Automatic Withdrawal with your account (which is convenient for me because there is no extra processing fee,) send an email to this address:

In each of these cases, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt after each donation.

There are also any one of these other various options:
Beaver pelts and exotic spices, if that’s your thing.

My personal U.S. mailing address is

PO Box 1374
Bigfork, MT

My address in London is

13 Station Road
NW10 4UJ


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