An Update on the Quest – Here’s to a Final Day

They say that for Third Culture Kids and frequent travelers, your home is where your toothbrush is; and for most of us in those categories, it seems our toothbrushes tend to hang out a lot in our backpacks.

If that’s the truth, though, I may have to leave a second toothbrush here in Montana, just for safekeeping.

Fewer than two days until the official due date; and by due date, I mean departure date. This Saturday, July 8th, I’ll drive up into Canada and fly out from Calgary over the ocean to England. All told, from the moment I take my first step out the front door here in the States to the moment I take my last somewhere in London, it shall have probably been around a measly 45 hours of travel or so. C’est la vie.

This being my last week, I’ve been scrambling to prepare all the things I procrastinated to the last minute (yes — I should know better.) I have, however, also wrung my days dry with making the best of an adventure that life in Montana has to offer.  Thanks to great friends with brilliant ideas, I didn’t leave in June like I had originally planned and ended up being able to have one of the most spectacular 4th of July celebrations ever, complete with mid-summer snowball fights and a mountaintop view of the fireworks that night.

With how busy I’d been, it wasn’t until these last few days that I’d realised how sad I felt about leaving again. I’ve come and gone plenty often, but it’s been a while since I’ve left a solid homeland so conclusively for so long. It’ll be a fresh start to a brand new life this time. It’s exhilarating and invigorating, but believe me I do also know I’m leaving a really good thing.

I definitely don’t want to pass up thanking all of you who are supporting me in going over there — those I know about and those I don’t know about. Not only are you literally enabling me to go and being a part of something significant, but it’s also a sublimely special feeling to know I have so many people who believe in me personally. You guys are awesome, and shoving all clichés aside, this really does make us all a part of accomplishing something meaningful together.
So thank you again. I appreciate it magnificently.

(If you’re interested in supporting me with the work I’ll be doing in England, or if you’d like to give a one-time donation, just click here for the proper info.)

Expect to hear an update from me sometime shortly after I arrive in Europe and get situated. I honestly can’t say I know what lifestyle to expect (I doubt I’ll be living alone in a dark castle writing novels, as some of my family members have postulated…at least not yet.) I only know six people in all of England and I have no clue how the first few days or weeks will unfold, but my expectations are open and my hopes are high. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on things once I’ve begun the work and gotten into the rhythm of it all.

Here’s to a final full day in Montana. To a pursuit and cultivation of beauty. To moving audaciously forward in new things. To the efforts in making a significant impact in our nooks of the world.

And to the hopeful anticipation of yummy European pastries.



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