Traipsing Around – Part 9: Transformation

Both transformation and revelation, actually.
Those have been the most characterizing realities of this past month in Santa Marta.
Gracious me. Yes, an entire month. A month of living in the mountains with little electricity and no running water. A month of sweating day and night from the inescapable heat. A month of constant warfare against billions of mosquitoes. (In fact, I’m sure by now I’ve been bit by nearly every species of insect in the Colombian jungle.)
There’s so much more to be said for that month though. It was also a month of both peace and adventure. A month of waking up every day to the pure, glorious green of nature. A month of getting to know some very special and very unique people. And of course, it was a month of knowing God deeper — for real, not just in the cliche sense.

I might also say that for a while, it was one of the most difficult stages of our trip so far. Both Chrystel and I each faced our own challenges, and I’m sure we both felt things we’d never felt before. At one point, Chrystel had told me that this year as whole, for her, has been the most difficult year of her life, and that it was culminated in this trip.
No worries, however. We’ve both learned immensely from the things we’ve gone through; and I’ll confidently say we’re overcoming our challenges.
Before embarking on our expedition, Chrystel also told us that if there was one thing she wanted to see, even if nothing else happened, it was that we would all be changed by the time we went back home. She wanted to see us grow and grow closer to God. That, I think, has been accomplished already.

Speaking of which, the notion of returning home is now finally becoming more of a reality than a fantasy. We’re back in Bogota for about a week; and even though we’re not quite yet done here, it is nearly time to head north towards Costa Rica.


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