Traipsing Around – Part 7: Lima

After nearly four days on a bus, without once taking a shower, changing my clothes, or even brushing my teeth, we finally made it from Bogota to Lima. When you’ve traversed straight through three countries by bus, you really start becoming very familiar with your immediate surroundings — and especially what positions are most comfortable for sleeping. For instance, there’s the Only-Slightly-Painful-Curl-Up-Into-a-Ball-Position, with your feet hanging out into the aisle and your nose all squashed up in the seat. Or even the Not-So-Painful-But-No-So-Comfortable-Sleep-on-Your-Back-Even-Though-the-Seat-Doesn’t-Lean-All-the-Way-Down-Position.

IMG_1215 IMG_1225IMG_1229

Anyway, Lima is pleasant; and the scenery along the way was spectacular.
We did have our undesirable circumstances, though. There was a bit of trouble crossing one of the boarders; and when we arrived at our destination yesterday, tired, hungry, and dirty, we discovered that Sam’s bag had been lost along the way at some point.
Therefore, we stayed at a hostel yesternight to rest, and also to wait to see if Sam’s bag could be found by today. We’re resolutely believing that it will be returned to us.
This afternoon, then, we’ll take another bus, for a quick twenty-hour ride to Cusco; and then from Cusco, it’s either bus, train, foot, or maybe all three to Aguas Calientes, where we can begin our ascent to Machu Picchu.



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