Traipsing Around – Part 6: More Great Unknown

Just like that bus terminal back in Panama, Bogota seems to be the place we always return to and stay for heaps of time. It’s fine by me, though, because the people we’ve met here and the experiences we’ve had with them have surpassed my expectations — and I’m a person of high expectations.

Nonetheless, we still have time left and places to reach before this trip is over. Tomorrow we head out again into a lot of variables and personally uncharted territory. As far as we know, we’ll take a ten-hour bus from Bogota south to Cali; and from there, another bus for about three days all the way to Lima, Peru. From Lima, it’s just another hop, skip, and who knows how long of a bus ride to Cuzco. We have an unrelenting resolve to reach Cuzco and climb Machu Picchu before Sam has to return to Canada.

It’s going to be a matter of raw backpacking again, sleeping wherever we find a dry, comfortable place, and figuring things out as we go along. The last phase of our journey with the three of us together, heading into a great unknown.





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