Traipsing Around – Part 5: The Jungles of Santa Marta

I think I’ve officially reached that point at which I’ve now starting looking like a hobo, or a homeless hippie. You know you’ve been backpacking for a long time when you can chew on your own mustache.

I guess that hasn’t really mattered as much though, especially since we’d spent the last two weeks in the rainforest mountains of Santa Marta. The degree of beauty and splendour there is immeasurably outstanding. Rosita’s husband, Pedro Nel, has a plot of land there that he’s been working on. It’s where we were staying, and ever since we arrived our days had been filled with productivity and fun and all sorts of adventure.
IMG_2177 IMG_0935

IMG_0902 IMG_0904

For instance:

Pedro Nel has a massive vision for what his property can be used for, part of which includes a self-sustaining farm with a building for hosting visitors or missionaries or even just living in from time to time. We were helping him with cleaning up the area and putting up a chicken coop, among other things:

IMG_1102 IMG_1094
IMG_1111 IMG_1128

This is Hermano Pedro. He was already there helping out with the construction. This guy is seventy-three, and he still hikes all over the mountains, works all day, and climbs up to put onto rooftops:


This is the little house where we were staying. We collected all our water in tanks from the river, and we had only just recently installed electricity.

IMG_1055 IMG_1063

We also hiked all over the mountains and thoroughly got lost more than once:

Getting Lost

Here are a couple pictures of the giant mutant monster centipede thing that we found in the bathroom:

IMG_1140 IMG_1145

From the beginning of our trip, the three of us knew that it wasn’t going to be a matter of just reaching a certain point and heading back. Our goal is every day, every place, every person. Nevertheless, with that still in mind, we’ve decided upon a location we want to reach before we turn back and head home. You see, Sam has to be in Canada again at least by the middle of October, so we want a particular spot to arrive at before his time runs out. After having been inspired by some other backpackers we’d met earlier on, we concluded that Machu Picchu would be that place.

Therefore, yesterday was our last day in Santa Marta before head back by bus to Bogota. We’re going to stay here in Bogota again for just a couple of days to spend a little more time with our friends and visit a bit. After that, we’ll continue to take more buses down through Ecuador and into Peru.




5 thoughts on “Traipsing Around – Part 5: The Jungles of Santa Marta

  1. Really love reading ur blog, this is wonderful what u 3 r doing. It’s quite an experience & a wonderful opportunity to reach people.

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