Traipsing Around – Part 4: Roadtrip to Santa Marta

I just discovered an entire colony of them in the apartment where we’ve been staying; and of course their breading grounds happened to be right under the area where I sleep. I now fear I have unwillingly become a symbiotic ecosystem.

I’m pretty sure that’s the only bad news I’m disposed to sharing, though. The past couple of weeks here in Bogota have been mind-blowingly outstanding. At one point, we got to explore a massive cathedral carved deep into an old salt mine under a mountain on the outskirts of the city. Think of the underground Dwarf kingdoms from The Lord of the Rings. That’s pretty much what it looked  like. I was left utterly enthralled. Could have stayed there all day.

IMG_0979 IMG_0988

IMG_0994 IMG_0966

(Sorry for the low quality of the photos. It was difficult to get a good shot in the poor light. I’d like to say I have a fancy-shmancy EOS Rebel T2i; but it’s just a regular camera, and it’s really not even mine.) Here is one of my best, though:


I personally have driven around almost the entire city by now, braving the insane traffic and everything. We’ve also visited many amazing places, seen countless beautiful sights,  and eaten heaps of exquisite food — all in the company of marvelous friends.
Oh, and I got to hang out with an ostrich.

IMG_0918 IMG_0914

Aside from all that awesomeness, we’ve been experiencing huge amounts of supernatural encounters in several different forms. We’ve been praying more and more for people in the streets and also within the family we’re staying with; and Sam and I in particular have seen various people healed on the spot. Both of us have literally watched the Holy Spirit affect people and move in ways that neither of us have ever seen before.

Back just two weeks into the trip, we all three knew without a doubt that even if we had returned at that moment, we would have been changed for life. It’s really difficult to summarise just how life-impacting it has been up til now. Things have been happening to us that we honestly never considered would happen on the trip — massively important things that are marking our lives. In a way, I could also say that this past week has been the most difficult one for me so far, just because of the severity of the decisions I’ve been faced with.

Finally, though, this was our last full day in Bogota. Early tomorrow morning we head out by car to Santa Marta with Rosita (the lady we’ve been staying with) and one of her sons, Pedro. It’s a two-day drive (and I’ve been told we’re even going to be picking up their dog along the way.) This area is supposed to be one of the most beautiful parts of all Colombia. Santa Marta is actually north of Bogota; so I’m guessing that after about three weeks of working there, we’ll head back down south again through the length of the country and further onward to Ecuador, Peru, and still-potentially Bolivia or Chile. There’s been a lot of progress in our plans lately; and even though our trip is really only just starting, we’re beginning to sight our end goals and even setting a return date.

We’ve all grown dearly close to this family, each in our own special way; and despite then how eager I am to continue the journey, I’m bearing the sadness again of having to say goodbye to those we’re leaving behind.


Ah, one more thing. Here’s a link to Chrystel’s blog too, in case you’re keen on reading about it from her perspective:


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