No, that’s not a typo.
It’s actually the name of the grocery store near to where we’re staying.

I was walking through it yesternight carrying milk and bananas in my arms when I saw a man with crutches standing in line at one of the cash registers.
“Ooh! Jolly good! A sick person. I’ll swallow my nerve-wracking fear and go pray for him.”

I do oftentimes still get nervous and shaky when I pray for strangers to be healed.

Anyway, I walked up to him and asked what was wrong with his leg. He gave me a long, elaborate, medical-field-lingo sort of answer that I basically understood to mean that he’d fractured his knee playing fútbol.
I asked if he wouldn’t mind if I prayed for it to be healed. He said no; so I knelt down and just barely touched his knee with my fingers. My hand was still shaking, and my heart had decided it wanted to see the action and tried to pound its way through my chest.

I said a quick little awkward prayer and asked if he felt anything different. The guy looked at me and in his words said he felt an energy or something in his knee. I was like, “Ooh. That’s good. Really good.”
So I prayed again, thanking God for what was already happening, and requested Him to take the pain away. When I asked him again, the man said that he still felt the energy or something similar to electricity in his leg.
It was encouraging, and I was excited, so I told him I would pray one more time. Again, I just asked the Holy Spirit to touch him and take all the pain. This time, he paused for a moment, stretched his leg, and put some weight on it. He remarked that he had not been able to do that before. I said it was fantastic.

He asked me then why it was that I prayed. I kind of stuttered something about how in the Bible Jesus told us to go out to pray for people and that He’d respond if we did; and I mentioned that there have been heaps of times where I’ve seen God heal various other things when I asked Him to.
(It’s a good things the man was actually able to experience the power for himself, because otherwise he probably wouldn’t have gotten anything out of my blubbering.)

The guy then just said thank you; he shook my hand, said good bye, and I left.


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