Reminiscing the Leap

Alas, we have arrived upon the brink of the one month anniversary of our journey. Our leap of faith. Some people, including myself at various points, did not think we would last this long. It’s mind-blowing and fantastic, though, and almost a little hard to believe.

We still look back and remember our initial thoughts and feelings when we first started. In all truth and honesty, it was frightening. Some of the heaviest moments were on the car ride through Costa Rica and the first bus ride into Panama. We were confined for long hours with our swirling thoughts and questions. It wasn’t until those moments that it finally hit us and we realised what we were getting ourselves into.
I remember thinking it: “Blimey. What on earth am I doing? How is this going to work?”
Three people barely even out of our teen years trekking through countries we’d never been to, without any real idea of where we were headed, hardly a notion of what we were doing, and definitely not enough money to feel comfortable about it.
And yet — we each gripped tightly to our courage and plunged forward. To be completely honest, the only thing I felt I could really hold onto was the belief that God had called me into this; and with that notion I told Him over and over again that I was only doing this because I was trusting in Him and trusting that this was a good idea. That was a comfort, though, as I left my home and family and headed into the unknown.
There were heaps of different variables and aspects and speculations that could have dissuaded us from actually moving forward; but like all the great adventure stories, we stuck to what was in our hearts and continued.

And I’m speaking very seriously. From a common practical standpoint, it seemed very foolish. However, from everything we’ve been through, all we’ve seen, everything we’ve learned, the people we’ve met, the way we’ve grown, the lives impacted, the miracles, the results — from all that’s happened, this trip has proved itself to be far more significant than just an audacious idea. Our faith was well-placed, we have been completely cared-for, and the three of us have thrived exuberantly.

By the way, if you’ve prayed or have been praying for us and the trip, thank you sincerely. I cannot underestimate the impact that any amount or type of prayer has on everything that goes on. Know that we really appreciate it.


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