Traipsing Around – Part 1: Panama City

Sam: “Who is this again? Somebody Downtown?”

Chrystel: “You mean Jason Upton?”

That was the quote of the day. It was funny when it happened. I guess you just had to be there for it.


It is only the end of the second day, but already I’m finding it very difficult to capture the extent of everything we’re thinking and feeling currently. Honestly, it’s daunting. It’s one of those “Oh my goodness gracious. What have I gotten myself into?” sort of feelings. At this point, we each feel a little overwhelmed with a conglomeration of sentiments — nervousness, uncertainty, a little bit of concern here and there; but we’re determined. We’re hopeful. We’re committed and passionate. Most of all, we’re all sincerely trusting that  God invited us into this and has something significant for us. That’s more than just a nice thought; it’s seriously the strongest thing that’s helping us to keep going.

I’ll try to describe these deeper things in more detail later on. For now, though, because it’s very late, and because it’s difficult to concentrate when the shirtless guy on the phone next to me is obviously competing for Loudest Man in Panama, I’ll give you a quick summary of our travels so far.

The night before we left, we went to sleep after midnight. The next morning, we woke up at five and drove half the day across Costa Rica to the Panamanian boarder. After crossing, we took a taxi to the station and boarded a bus that took us to the city of David, where we arrived around eight. We were supposing we could spend the night there, but we found a bus that left at 11:00 pm and decided to be audacious and take it. I don’t remember much about that ride except that it was too cold and my neck ached the entire way. We arrived the next day in Panama City around six in the morning. After waiting in the terminal for a couple of hours, we went to the mall, then found a little hippie hostel in the city and settled down for the rest of the evening.
Tomorrow, we’re planning to catch another bus to Colón and see if we can find a boat or something that will take us over into Colombia.

One more thing.
On the morning of the day we left from Costa Rica, Vanessa had decided to stay home. It was all right for us though, because we know that she was doing what she needed for herself.
Therefore, that finally left only Chrystel, Sam, and me. I like our small team, though. We’re each good for each other, and we get along splendidly. I’m looking forward to all the time I’ll be spending with them.



2 thoughts on “Traipsing Around – Part 1: Panama City

  1. You guys must have been really really tired yesterday?! I can’t wait to hear about the cross over into Columbia, hopefully NOT thru the Darien Gap!! Oh and here is what I found about going by water on a back packers site…1. Fly – The fastest and safest option, but costly

    2. Charter a sailboat – 4 days, costly, adventurous and island touring

    3. Speed Boat (lanchas – fast boat) – 1-2 days, cheap, wet and rough

    4. Cargo Ship – ? days, possibly cheap, uncertainty, no schedule and uncomfortable

    5. Cross the Darien Gap on foot – ? days, crazy and life threatening

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