La Fiebre del Fútbol

Despite having grown up in Costa Rica, where people learn to play soccer pretty much as soon as they learn to walk, I never developed much of an interest for the sport. It is of course always fun to play with a heap of people, some of whom might be just as bad as I am, in the pouring rain, slipping and sliding and falling through the mud; but it’s a rare and special thing if the ball ever flies in the direction that I intended to kick it. Nevertheless, it is difficult to remain uninterested when the entire country (I do mean the entire country) vibrates and roars with exuberant ecstasy during a game in the World Cup. It’s almost outrageous! I think it must be my Tico half recognising the vitality of the moment. However, I’m just as bad if not worse in my US side with the SuperBowl or whatever it is; baseball is just not my thing.

To be serious though, I think the most heartening thing I’ve noticed about sports and sports events like these is the way they bring people together, to unite in league with one another, even if it is merely for two hours….two hours of high level stress and anxiety, combined with sudden rushes of adrenaline accompanied by unnecessarily loud screams and cheers. There were the people yelling and blowing horns. Some were dancing in the streets; others were singing; one old guy was tearing up styrofoam. It turns into a full-on mob-like party in every city.  I could literally hear the ruckus  in my town alone when we beat Greece today. Yes, that’s right. Allow me a small moment to gloat for my country. Take that Greece! Si se pudo!

The fun and enjoyment is in and with the people.